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Old Bond Cottage

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Bond Cottage, Nags Head, NC, Moments Before Demolition. Photo by Karen Frey

I was at the Old Bond Cottage this morning watching the tear down.

I was not prepared for the emotional reaction that came over me.

It wasn’t that it shouldn’t be taken down…it’s time had come.


I realized watching as the home was being demolished, the strong connection I have with houses.

Watching a house die, from whatever the force may be, feels sad in my soul… but new wooden bones will soon spring to life and grow to house a new generation of memories.

And so it goes, I am truly blessed to have a creative profession that touches so many of my senses.

From the perspective of a designer I feel like I have been given this parental privilege of sorts, to create a home.

I trust that this passion is a structural part of my design work and will be shared within the homes created.

– Karen Frey
October, 2018

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